Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Toiletries update

I've just had to have cornflakes again for breakfast. As you know, I don't really like cornflakes that much. I normally have sliced banana on my cereal but this morning we had some blueberries with it. They're usually too expensive to buy regularly but when they're on special offer, I do enjoy them as a change. With a glass of orange juice or grapefruit juice, that's two out of my five fruits/vegetables. Geoff is getting some Alpen for himself until the Mornflake stuff arrives.

I ordered my toiletries from Weleda yesterday. They have free delivery over £40, but it's very easy to spend that much, in fact my bill came to over £70. I have purchased toothpaste, Bidor painkillers for my headaches, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream (not for me!) face and body cream plus some almond oil products purely because I liked the tin! (I am a bit of a tin collector - I keep my bead supplies in them). The products are all quite expensive compared with the ones I used to get from Tesco but these things all last quite a long time. If I were buying them every week, then it would be a big cost of living increase for me.

I'll be using up the products we have in the bathroom rather than waste them, the damage has already been done with those - the point of this exercise is to reduce my future demand for palm oil.

I checked the ingredients lists for each of the Weleda products and the only ones I wanted to buy but didn't were the soap bars as they have palm oil in (albeit from a sustainable source). I have some palm oil free soap on order from the Orangutan Foundation. I will compare them with using the Weleda body wash lotion and see which I prefer. I am a bar soap person myself.

So, providing I like the above products, on the toiletries front I've solved virtually all the problems except deoderant. I use roll on, I can't use aerosols at all, they give me headaches and make me dizzy and all unreal/phased out kind of thing (so how would you tell the difference do I hear you say??!!!)

So yesterday afternoon after ordering, I went on the Dove website and posed this question on their on-line forum:
I currently use two Dove products, the soap which is great for keeping my eczema at bay and your roll on deoderant. However, I've recently become concerned about palm oil usage and I understand that your soap contains this. Do you do any alternatives that palm oil free, please? Can you confirm that the roll on is palm oil free too, the ingredients list is a little small to read. Thanks.

I'll let you know if I get a response. I'm interested to see if they let the posting remain.

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