Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Might be getting somewhere on the toiletries front

I did say I was going to try and get what I eat to be palm oil free first but I think I might stand a better chance on my toiletries. I'm trying to limit myself to half an hour a day to this "crusade" for letter/e-mails and blog entries, but so far I've been reading on-line stuff for about an hour so have broken that pledge already! This is something I feel very strongly about (and I'm also putting off mowing the lawn ...!)

On this web page, Weleda's Bas Scheneiders claims that "Weleda was among the first companies convert to a sustainable organic certified source for our palm oil". I've e-mailed the company to confirm that this is still the case. I'd prefer no palm oil at all as there is quite a bit of negativity about how sustainable sustainable really is when it comes to palm oil. I have therefore asked how the sustainable palm oil is labelled on their products so I can choose palm oil free ones completely if I want to. I'll let you know when I get a reply.

I do hope the response is positive as I can buy toothpaste, soap, skin care products, shampoo etc. from one company and this will save me lots of time e-mailing all the toiletries companies I presently use as I can just do a wholesale shift of product purchases with a clear conscience. I need to find a way to wash clothes next.

In the meantime, I have joined the Orangutan Foundation and ordered a couple of their palm oil free soaps as another positive step forward.

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