Wednesday, 3 June 2009


From the list in the Independent, I realised I was going to have to change my bread, my margarine and my breakfast cereal.

Instead of Flora margarine, I'm now buying anchor spreadable which is OK according to the Independent, I trust that they've done their research and so I have a result already - one product palm oil free.

Instead of Kellogs Special K, I bought Cornflakes but I don't really like them as much. Plus the salt content is quite high and my other half needs to watch his salt intake. So, I need an alternative. My other half came home with some Alpen. He'd already scrutinised the list of ingredients and it appeared clear of palm oil. I e-mailed Weetabix Ltd just to be sure and this is an extract of their reply:
"Palm Oil is used in some of our products, however, we are working with our suppliers to ensure that the Palm Oil is sourced from members of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).
The raisins in Alpen are sprayed with a small amount of oil as a processing aid and this does not require labelling in the ingredients list as it is a processing aid. It is currently derived from Palm Oil therefore we cannot say that Alpen is free from Palm Oil at the present time. "

I've seen the RSPO website and went to check whether Weetabix Ltd are Retailer members of RSPO and they aren't (so I've replied and asked why they aren't). I've also told them that their response doesn't give any timescales for becoming palm oil free or sourcing only from sustainable palm oil sources and I wanted to know when.

I've also e-mailed Kellogs and told them why I've stopped buying their products. I also asked if there are any alternatives in their range which are palm oil free for me to try.

I'm putting bread aside for a bit whilst I solve the breakfast cereal problem. I have a busy life and have to tackle this one product at a time. I've read elsewhere that it's virtually impossible to find palm oil free bread, unless you make it yourself (which may in the end be what I decide to do).

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