Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Toiletries and lunch update

On the toiletries front, this week, I have been using the deoderant, shampoo bar, unscented rich and hydrating moisturiser that I bought from Little Satsuma. I'm already a fan of the soaps and orange lip balm but I cannot get on with the shampoo bar. It's pleasant enough to use, but it leaves my hair feeling "stripped". If I'd tried to blow dry it after using it, I'm sure it would've got all tangled up so I had to put on masses of (palm oil containing) conditioner after using it, before I felt confident of drying my hair. So I'm still on the hunt for palm oil free shampoo and conditioner.

The moisturing cream is great, I was full of trepidation putting it on my face for the first time, I have used my usual moisturiser every day since I was seventeen (I'm not saying how long it has been, suffice it to say a lo-o-o-ong time!) No adverse reaction and my skin feels smooth and soft. I'm also using it as handcream. It says its a body moisturiser but it comes in such a small tin (120ml), I feel I need a bulk body lotion. I suffer from eczema from time to time and so a preventative all over moisturise session is part of my regime, not on a daily basis but fairly regularly.

I've been using E45 cream in a 500ml pump action pack as a prevenative and Dermol (ditto) when the eczema is active as it has an anti-bacterial forumula which stops the itchy patches getting infected. The ingredients listed don't actually look as if they contain palm oil but I'm going to e-mail both companies just to be sure.

I was doubtful about the deoderant as I've previously used Sure or Dove anti-perspirant roll on. I was absolutely sure that I would sweat and have wet underarms which I'm not sure I could put up with ... but I decided to see how it went. Even in all this warm weather, I've stayed dry so I'll probably stick with it. It could be that after decades of anti-perspirants, my underarm sweat glands have given up the ghost and refuse to work any more!

I haven't had any more responses from the lunch items, but I'll give them a few more days before chasing. I have however, made a start on enquiring from loaf manufacturers on whether any of their bread is palm oil free. I wrote to Hovis last week, today I followed up by writing to Kingsmill and Warburtons. I'll report back on responses here.

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