Thursday, 4 June 2009

Still hunting breakfast cereal

Today's half hour has been on the net researching breakfast cereal. I found this site, Association of Cereal Food Manufacturers and their stated aim is "to provide easily accessible information on breakfast cereals and the breakfast cereal industry". So to save me writing to each and every manufacturer about their palm oil usage, I have asked them if they know of any tasty breakfast cereal that is palm oil free.

I visited a few of the manufacturer sites on their links pages to see if any of them declare their palm oil use on their websites. I thought the Mornflake one looked interesting and as they have a muesli section, their products might be hopeful.

No responses from other e-mails sent earlier in the week. It's the Tesco one that I'm particularly looking out for as that's where I buy the majority of my groceries at the moment.

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