Thursday, 6 May 2010

Odd characters

I occasionally get comments on this blog that don't make it to the comments section as I reject them. They're usually really general, don't relate to my posting, don't really say anything and are anonymous, all of them include characters looking like this:

I'm assuming that my computer is substituting something else for a font that I don't have on my pc and I'm guessing that it's for a foreign language but I was wondering if anyone knew for sure? I reject them as I think they're just spam but I do wonder if I might be wrong.


  1. I haven't had any like that, but have quite often come across ones that are usually written in chinese followed by lots of..........., the chinese when translated is usually something quite simple like a chinese proverb, or 'nice blog', but when you click on the dots it redirects to something dodgy! so if it is followed by dots be wary

  2. They are nearly always followed by dots so I'm grateful for your cautionary comment. Thanks!