Sunday, 16 May 2010

Anti-dandruff update

After using the Hopes anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner since we received them, I'm afraid to report that Geoff's dandruff is back and so I'll finish those products off and he'll have no choice but to go back to Head & Shoulders if we can't find something else that works. I had thought to get him the No Flakin' Way that Laura mentioned in one of her comments. Sainsbury's don't seem to carry it on their website, they list 29 Clairol Herbal Essences products but not No Flakin' Way and for sheer convenience, it would be handy if I could buy it with my weekly on-line shop but I'll pop into Boots next week when I'm in Cambridge and see if they have it.

Sainsbury's do carry Johnson & Johnson's Neutrogena T/Gel Anti-Dandruff Shampoo so I've written to J&J via their website asking whether it contains palm oil or palm oil derived products.

Whilst searching Sainsbury's site, I noticed that they now have an own brand of dishwasher tablets and in the absence (still) of a response from Reckitt Benckiser, at the same time as writing to them about the extraordinary use of palm oil in the silverside beef joint, I've asked Sainsbury's about that product as well.

As usual, responses will be posted here.


  1. Hi there Mozy, I hadn't heard of Polytar before, but having Googled it and done a bit of reading, I think products made with it may well be a possibility, I will add it to list to try! Many thanks for your interest and taking the trouble to comment. I'll report on results on the blog as usual.

    Best wishes, Sue

  2. All Clear Dandruff just click on......

  3. Hi there,

    we've used loads of products due to dandruff,flaky itchy scalps, psoriasis etc and the best thing we've come across is Faith in Nature Neem and Propolis shampoo. We've been using it for a few years now which is odd for us because we had to swap from brand to brand regularly before because the problems recurred. I recommended it to a friend who had serious problems and she's in love with the stuff. I've looked at the ingredients online, a long job and I couldn't link it at all with palm oil, though other products from the company contain it from sustainable sources they say....though I'd avoid anything with it in as I can't see how it can be guaranteed to be ethically sourced. Anyway, we buy it locally and have found it mainly in organic type shops for around £4.89. It can be bought online but you have to pay vat and postage which bumps up the price but it's worth it if you buy in bulk (if it works for you obviously). You don't have to use much when washing your hair as it lathers up really well and rinses out very well.

    Hope that's of some use

  4. Thanks for this information, I will write to them and ask whether they use palm oil in the product you recommend. Best wishes, Sue

  5. From the link on their website below, it looks like they do use palm oil, I do not accept what ANY palm oil is sustainable but I have written to them anyway asking them if palm oil is contained in haircare products.