Monday, 1 March 2010

Sainsbury's letter

I've written a letter today to Sainsbury's. Firstly letting them know that I have switched my on-line purchasing to them instead of Tesco and congratulating them on their superior WWF Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard rating. Secondly, I've listed several household cleaning products which I think I may want to use from their own label brand and asked if any contain palm oil or palm oil derivities.

Even Tesco were prepared to research each own brand product I asked about and let me know yes or no. With Sainsbury's much better labelling policies, I am hopeful they will be willing to let me know.

Any response will be reported here.


  1. Dear Madam,

    Please read

    Unfortunately, the westerners are being misled by the so-called 'environmentalist' when it comes to the deforestation issue. palm oil often gets the blame when it comes to deforestation. the fact of the matter is two-thirds of rainforest are being cleared by impoverished people looking for shelter and food! westerners should get their facts right before deciding to boycott palm oil altogether! Even the European Commission recognizes this fact. read

    More often than not, the westerners fail to realise the severity of poverty in many developing countries. and instead of championing the rights of your immediate 'brothers and sisters' (i.e. fellow human beings) to a better living condition and to eke out a decent living for them and their children, most chooses to champion the rights of your distant 'cousins' instead (i.e. the orang utan). isn't that amusing?

    When the you are at home, sitting on your leather couch, wearing your plush terry cotton bathrobe, sipping margarita while watching BBC news on your flat screen HD-ready TV, you'd have no idea that there are 2 billions people in developing countries all over the world that survives on less than $2 a day would you? Do you think that these impoverished folks would care less about the rainforest when they can barely feed their hungry children? developments comes at a cost. where these people lives, everywhere used to be a forest. to bring development such as proper houses, schools, hospitals, community centres, agricultural systems etc to these unfortunate folks, would require some parts of their areas to be cleared. However, if we listen to all the 'environ-MENTAL' goons, then we should all leave the forest alone! but what about the hungry folks? ohh, that's easy, just let them continue living in the dark forest with their mosquitos, leaches and orang utans while eating tree bark and drinking from the puddle, all in the good name of the 'environment' and to prevent 'deforestation'? meanwhile the westerners can merrily keep on living in their huge mansions, drive their gas-guzzling humvees, drink their wines and eat their pork chops. That's right ma'am! keep on listening to the ill-informed and misguided 'environ-MENTAL' retards. before long, you'll be hugging a tree in Papua New Guinea instead of feeding a hungry Melanesian child a bowl of rice. Well we can thank Friends of Earth and Greenpeace for that.

    Ed Faisaly

  2. Thank you for your point of view and for taking the time to outline it here. I'm sorry you feel it necessary to be abusive (ie MENTAL and calling us tree huggers) to people who hold different views from yourself. I think insulting us and attacking a way of life in the west that really isn't very much like mine at all says far more about you than it does about my views.

    I wonder whether the Penan people agree that palm oil plantations are not their biggest problem, throwing them out of their homes and wrecking sustainable living in the forest that has been their birthright for generations.

  3. Dear Madam,

    Please read my most recent comment: