Thursday, 22 October 2009

Lots of updates

I can either do a really big posting or split it up into little ones, probably better in small ones so this is the first today.

I am indebted to an e-mail correspondent called James who is - poor guy - allergic to palm oil. He has supplied me with a far more compehensive list of palm oil euphemisms so I have updated the list to the left and I'm sure you can see, it has grown extensively! James informs me that palm oil is also contained in UV cured finishes used in kitchen cabinetry and furniture manufacturing - so something else to look out for when leading the palm oil free life.

Some of the things on the list are derivitives, this means they are made from palm oil - however, beware that although commonly palm oil is used when making the derivitives (because it's so much cheaper than other vegetable oils), sometimes things like sodium lauryl sulphate and glycerine (for example) can be derived from other sources like cocoa nuts.

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  1. I'm allergic to palm oil. It gives me severe asthma if I even smell it and eczema if my skin is in contact. I can't wear second-hand clothes even if they've been washed 5 times!
    I would like to add magnesium stearate to the list. This is in all sorts of pills, including vitamins. I checked with Holland and Barrett who told me that all magnesium stearate was made from palm oil.
    My back-up household cleaning product is good old washing soda.