Monday, 26 October 2009

Chocolate and toothpaste with some bread

I found this palm oil free chocolate supplier through a link on Nature Alert (warning Nature Alert has upsetting content and unvarnished truths).

As well as not containing palm oil, 10p from every Chokolit bar is donated to various charities which help endangered animals. The different flavours all sound absolutely scrumtious. I'm not much of a dark chocolate fan myself but Milk Chocolate crunch (Amur leopard and tiger), Premium Belgian Milk Chocolate (lions) and Premium Belgian White Chocolate with hint of lemon (tigers) have all taken my fancy. I may even give the Dark Chocolate with a hint of chilli a try cos I really like chilli. :-) They do a gift pack of any five of the chocolate bars for £9.99 including post and packaging.

Apparently their products are being stocked by Sainsburys and you can also buy on-line. I'm skint after my holiday and buying a breadmaker but I have bookmarked and will be purchasing very shortly! I'll have a look in Sainsburys on Saturday in Cambridge to see if they carry it, it's not that big a store so I guess they may not.

My Riddells Creek Lemon toothpaste has arrived and I just tried some. Some small bubbles appeared when I squeezed it out on the toothbrush which I found slightly offputting! It kind of "blobs up" on the toothbrush so it isn't as "tidy" as using Colgate but it didn't fall off so it's still easy to use. I'm relieved to say that it didn't taste like soap, the lemon comes through nicely and it has a pleasant zingy aftertaste.

As I type, I am using my breadmaker for the first time ... more on that soon!


  1. 'Chocolate & Toothpaste With Some Bread'. Hmmm. Sounds like something Letitia Cropley off The Vicar Of Dibley would make! ;o)

    Chocolate and chilli is yum. You don't really taste the chilli, you get more of the warmth from it. Very lush indeed.

    Lemon toothpaste? Intriguing.

    Looking forward to seeing the breadmaking results!

  2. Hi Laura, at some point I will publishing all my palm oil free recipes on-line; chocolate and toothpaste sandwiches will be right at the front! :-) As you can see from my latest posting the bread has turned out well. I'm so used to mint flavour toothpaste, it is taking some adjustment. My Pure also sell Riddells Creek herbal toothpaste which is mint & cinnamon flavour - I'm planning on trying that next to see which I like best.

  3. If you're interested in palm oil free body washing (as well as teeth) check us out:

    We have cheap flat rate delivery and are currently running a FREE soap promotion too :)

  4. oh and did I mentioned (no connection..that I know of) but my surname is Riddell :)