Monday, 28 June 2010

Temporary slow down on campaigning for now

I have been meaning to write the letters I blogged about in my last posting but I'm afraid I haven't got round to it. I am now about to start the busiest two months of the year for my business with the exception of the run up to Christmas so I'll be quiet for a while in here. I'll be ramping up my letter and e-mail writing again in September and October so see you then.

On a positive note, husband Geoff is now using No Flakin' Way shampoo and it seems to be working for the time being so fingers crossed on that one.


  1. Hi Sue, Will miss the updates but understand we all have pressures to bear :o).

    I have recently contacted the people responsible for the "Natural Collection" range of products sold over the internet. Ironically they market their products using natural ingredients etc etc, yet ironically still use palm oil (although they state sustainably sourced - yes another one!) and quote that you can buy from a range of ethical and fair trade products including products from all your favourite fair trade companies. I am awaiting their further details as to how they actually provide some reassurance as to whether their palm oil is actually from a sustainable source, but I always have certain reservations about these claims. I will keep you posted as to what they come back with. Good Luck with your work endeavours! Best Wishes, Alice

  2. I've been disappointed by a couple of on-line retailers of ethical/natural products but am ever hopeful and look forward to hearing more, thanks. :-)

  3. Hi Sue,

    Hope things are well with you. For all your followers I thought this may be of interest if anyone wanted to take stance in our common cause.

    On Saturday, 25th September, a National Demonstration Against Agrofuel Subsidies will be held in Portland, Dorset. Coaches will be available from London, Newport (Wales) and Bristol. The demonstration will end at the gates of the port where agrofuel company W4B plan to build a power station which will burn palm oil from Indonesia and Malaysia. The rally will be followed by workshops and entertainment. The demonstration is being organised by Campaign Against Climate Change, Biofuelwatch, NOPE (No Oil Palm Energy – a very active Dorset group) and Food not Fuel. For full information about the event, including coach times, see . To book a place on a coach from London, please email . To enquire about or book a place from Newport or Bristol, please email . Please put the date in your diary and let others know about the protest, which will support the local residents in Portland in their campaign against W4B's palm oil power plans, and call for an end to the agrofuel subsidies which are behind this and other agrofuel power station plans.

    Look forward to your updates when you are back in circulation. Kindest regards, Alice